Depression of cholesterol levels in human plasma following ethylenediamine tetracetate and hydralazine

H. Mitchell Perry Jr., M.D.
Henry A. Schroeder, M.D.


Twenty-two patients received from 3 to 27 Gm. of intravenous EDTA. Six times after an average total dose of 18 Gm., and without change in other metal binding drugs, the total fasting plasma cholesterol fell an average of 75 mg. per 100 ml. of plasma. Initially low values were altered less. The average depression in 112 unselected hypertensive patients was 29 mg. following oral hydralazine therapy; however, among the 66 with high control levels the fall was 48.2 mg. in the first six months, and thereafter 43.5 mg. per 100 ml. of plasma. In 10 hypertensive patients who received an average of 13 Gm. of EDTA the blood pressure decreased an equivocal Math Eq. Hg, although for 6 who took autonomic-blocking agents there was a simultaneous reduction of 34 per cent in the requirement for that drug. Of 9 patients who received single doses of 4 Gm. or more of EDTA, 8 quickly developed fever, and in 2 who received large total doses in relation to their body weight, mucocutaneous lesions were observed.

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