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John Wycoff DO

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Dr. John Wycoff was born and raised in rural Iowa. At an early age he witnessed the partnership between his family and their personal physician. He began to understand that the trust in this relationship was the foundation of health and wellness. As a physician he noticed that many of his own patients did not feel well, yet were told their tests were normal. This led Dr. Wycoff to explore nontraditional areas of medicine such as inhaled and food allergies, hormonal imbalance and vitamin and mineral supplementation. This dedication and committment to health and wellness has evolved into The Wycoff Wellness Center. Dr. Wycoff’s quest for answers to these problems led him to explore the world of environmental and food allergies. This odyssey taught him to look at hormonal imbalance along with dysfunction of the body’s natural immune system as a root cause of many health problems.

He grew increasingly impatient with the idea of prescribing a drug for every problem he encountered. For a patient with high blood pressure or elevated cholesterol there was the latest prescription drug. For the patient who suffered from anxiety or depression, a better antianxiety or antidepressant medication was available. For those with allergic symptoms the best antihistamine could now be prescribed. For women with hormonal symptoms, a synthetic hormone medication was available.

Dr. Wycoff discovered that few of these ailments ever improved by taking many of these medications. Chronic illness and disease were not caused by a deficiency of prescription drugs. The causes are complex, relating to poor nutrition, lack of exercise, a stressful lifestyle, a weakened immune system. Declining levels of various hormones lead to imbalance preventing health from being obtained.

Dr. Wycoff has spent the last 10 years on a journey of medical discovery. He has found that there are other ways to look at health problems and assist patients in finding wellness. Optimal health and wellness can be found by looking at hormonal balance, allergies and diet. Appropriate vitamin and mineral supplementation will assist in maximizing health. Appropriate replacement of declining hormone levels will restore the ability to feel good again.

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