Chelation Physician Registry

Paul Peirsel MD

Photo of Paul Peirsel MD
Total Health, Common Sense Medicine Address 505 Poplar St Meadville PA 16335 USA Phone: 814-337-7429 Website:

Our focus at Total Health is to optimize human potential. The encouragement of efficient healing through effective repair is to enhance and reflect the “Intelligent Design” built into this creation called human. A step wise, “peeling the layers of an onion” approach enables the goal of functional health maintenance with potential for prospective predictability. Our ideal is coordination of interventions and application of protocols prioritized with risk/ benefit analysis the guide. Exhausting one modality of less risk, we move to the next level. Smooth integration of pathways, up to and including the EMS system, is the goal, with higher acuity care less preferred as health maintenance remains the priority. We seek wisdom from above in our quest for health while acknowledging our earthly mortality. Your HEALTH, not your illness, is our business. Grow with us.

Richard Plumb DO

Photo of Richard Plumb DO
Upper Valley Family Care Address 700 S. Stanfield Rd., Suite A Troy OH 45373 Phone: (937) 339-5355 Website:

Gary L. Pynckel DO

Photo of Gary L. Pynckel DO
Address 3840 Colonial Blvd., Ste. 1 Fort Myers FL 33966 Phone: (239) 278-3377 Website:

Emilia A. Ripoll-Bunn MD

Photo of Emilia A. Ripoll-Bunn MD
Choices in Health PC Address 120 Old Laramie Trail East Lafayette CO 80026 Phone: 303-554-4444 Website:

James C. Roberts MD

Photo of James C. Roberts MD
ABAAR Comprehensive Heart Care Address 3110 W. Central Ave, Suite B Toledo OH 43606 USA Phone: (419) 531-4235 Website:

Dr. Roberts has been practicing cardiovascular medicine for 25 years at Comprehensive Heart Care and the EECP Center of Northwest Ohio. His interests lie in preventive cardiology and the integrative approach to the patient with recurrent or inoperable coronary disease. His practice is active in research, evaluating new nutritional, device, and pharmacologic approaches to patient care. Dr. Roberts has passed the written exams of the American Board of Chelation Therapy, the American Board of Oxidative Medicine, and the American Board of Bariatric Medicine. He is currently pursuing training in the field of anti-ageing medicine. His practice utilizes Enhanced External Counterpulsation (EECP – a non-invasive approach to angina that generates natural bypass flow) and Magnetic Molecular Energizer (MME – an external magnetic field applied to the heart or other dysfunctional region increases energy production and stem cell proliferation). Dr. Roberts provides a broad range of detoxification methods, including all forms of chelation therapy. Dr. Roberts’ integrative approach to cardiovascular medicine can be reviewed in Reverse Heart Disease Now (Wiley) which he co-wrote with his colleague Stephen Sinatra MD FACC.

S. Todd Robinson MD

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Robinson Family Clinic Home 4406 S. Florida Ave #30 Lakeland FL 33813 Home Phone: 863-6464-5088

I am a diplomate of the board of Clinical Metal Toxicology (or was until it ceased to exist and was transferred to ICIM)
We have been doing chelation since the mid 1970’s when my father H.G. Robinson M.D. started it. Sadly , my father passed away a few weeks ago suddenly but I will continue to carry on . I was fortunate to work with him for 22 years .

Todd Robinson MD

Photo of Todd Robinson MD
Address 4406 S. Florida Ave., #30 Lakeland FL 33813 Phone: (863) 646-5088

Ted Rogers MD

No Photo Available
Address 13228 N Riverbeach Dr Chillicothe IL 61523 US Phone: 309-472-4472

Thomas Rohde MD

Photo of Thomas Rohde MD
Renew Total Body Wellness Center Address 3798 E. Fulton Ave Decatur IL 62526 Phone: 217-864-2700 Website:

Robert Rowen MD

Photo of Robert Rowen MD
Address 2200 County Center Dr, Ste C Santa Rosa CA 95403 USA Phone: 707-578-7787 Website:

Ali Safayan MD

Photo of Ali Safayan MD
Restorative Health Center Address 4801 Wisconsin Ave., NW Washington DC 20016 Phone: (202) 244-6661 Website:

Dorothy P. Shaffer MD

Photo of Dorothy P. Shaffer MD
Full Spectrum Health Center Address 3836 Reading Rd. Cincinnati OH 45229 Phone: 513-221-2111

Internal Medicine and Acupuncture. Dr. Dorothy Shaffer believes in treating the whole patient. Dr. Shaffer combines a unique blend of both traditional and holistic medicine to help her patients heal. Dr. Dorothy Shaffer graduated from Ohio State University in Internal Medicine.

Mark Sherfey MD

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Address 4355 Hanging Limb Hwy Monterey TN 38574 Phone: 931-839-7672 Website:

Nutritional Medicine, including testing and treating for Nutritional Deficiency; Metabolic Inbalances; Hormonal Deficiency. Available for assisting families with home or out of hospital birthing.

Robban Sica MD

Photo of Robban Sica MD
Center for the Healing Arts PC Address 37 Lakewood Drive, PO Box 110172 Trumbull CT 06611 USA Phone: 203-799-7733 Website:

Dr. Robban A. Sica graduated from the University of Toledo and the Medical College of Ohio. She is certified in Longevity Medicine and Clinical Metal Toxicology. Dr. Sica founded an integrative multi-specialty private practice of natural and alternative medicine, The Center for the Healing Arts, PC in Orange, CT, where she is dedicated to development of a new model for integrative practice. Dr. Sica’s integrative approach is very successful for patients with chronic health conditions as well as those wishing to prevent illness, including holistic medicine, anti-aging, natural hormone replacement and endocrine problems, nutrition/vitamin supplementation including natural alternatives to medication, allergies and environmental medicine, heavy metal toxicity, chelation therapy, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, and treatment of chronic illnesses. She has frequently been sought out a speaker on holistic and alternative medicine and has appeared on radio and television, on a wide range of alternative medical topics. Dr Sica is on the ICIM Board and has served in the past on the board of ACAm and the Alliance for Natural Health.

Malcolm Sickels MD

Photo of Malcolm Sickels MD
Malcolm Sickels MD PC Address 210 Little Lake Dr., Suite 10 Ann Arbor MI 48103 Phone: 734-332-9936 Website:

I entered medical school later in life than most medical students. I had spent time after college out in the real world: working with kids, working in a bookstore, managing a natural foods department. While working in natural foods, I heard many people say they were dissatisfied with their doctors, but I realized that the problem more often than not was miscommunication. I had been contemplating going to medical school, and this realization helped that decision gel. I resolved that rather than complain from the outside, I would become a doctor and see if there was a different way to practice that would allow me to spend the time I needed to communicate with patients and find the best way to keep them healthy. In order to keep people healthy, I knew they would need more than just medications, more than what is taught in medical school. Health is not just the absence of disease, but maximizing and retaining the function we have.

Barbara Singer DO

Photo of Barbara Singer DO
Willow Wellness Center Address 4773 Carol Cemetary Rd Carroll OH 43112 US Phone: 740-756-4800 Website:

Dr. Barbara Singer is a graduate of the Ohio University College of Osteopathic Medicine; she is board certified in Family Practice and Holistic Medicine. Her special interests are osteopathic manipulative therapy, womens health, natural hormone replacement, metabolic disorders and fatigue.

Clifford Sonnie MD, MPH

Photo of Clifford Sonnie MD, MPH
Balance of Life Address 3985 Medina Road, Suite 250 Medina OH 44256 Phone: (330) 764-4242 Website:

Jeannette Soriano MD

Photo of Jeannette Soriano MD
Evolvewell Medical Centre Address 1711 4th Street SW, Suite 101 Calgary AB T2S 1V8 CANADA Phone: 587-774-9355 Website:

Dr. Soriano has over 25 years of experience treating patients, beginning her career with general practice and sclerotherapy for varicose veins in the mid-1980s, and transitioning into complementary medicine and bio-identical hormone replacement therapy in the early ’90s. Dr. Soriano has a special interest in the influence of lifestyle and nutrition on health and wellness. She integrates IV nutritional and chelation therapies into her clinical approach, with a focus on maintaining and restoring balance in the body. Dr. Soriano is an international speaker on chelation and phlebology.

Neal Speight MD

Photo of Neal Speight MD
Address 1258 Mann Drive, Suite 100 Matthews NC 28105 Phone: (704) 847-2022 Website:

David A Steenblock DO

Photo of David A Steenblock DO
Personalized Regenerative Medicine Address 187 Avenida la Plata San Clemtente CA 92673 Phone: 949-367-8870 Website:

“I do chelation of all types but only use it combination with stem cells and anti-fibrotic agents. My website for patients with CHF and who have had a heart attack is”

David A Steenblock, BS, MS, DO specializing in alternative and complementary medicine since 1978. Master of Science degree in Biochemistry, 4 years training in pathology. Rotating internship Providence Hospital, Seattle, Washington. 12 years experience with stem cell therapies of all types. Treated over 5000 patients with autologous (your own) bone marrow stem cells and umbilical cord stem cells.Have a stem cell lab with full time molecular biologist. Offer all types of stem cells and routes of administration. Wrote the first and only book out on the use of Umbilical Cord Stem Cells (2006)and invented a unique stem cell mobilizing and proliferating product “Stemgevity” see Website is

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