Chelation Physician Registry

Corazon Ibarra MD, (HMD)

Photo of Corazon Ibarra MD, (HMD)
BioIntegrative Health Center Address 6490 S. McCarran Blvd., Suite D-41 Reno NV 89509 Phone: (775) 827-6696 Website:

Paul Jaconello MD

Photo of Paul Jaconello MD
Jaconello Centre for Nutrition Address 615 Yonge St., 6th Floor Toronto ON M4Y 1Z5 CANADA Phone: 416-463-2911 Website:

Marina Johnson MD

Photo of Marina Johnson MD
The Institute of Endocrinology Address 10670 N. Central Expressway, Suite 510 Dallas TX 75231 USA Phone: 214-574-4376 Website:

Dr. Marina Johnson combines education and knowledge with passion and genuine caring to provide the best hormone imbalance treatment available. In today’s healthcare environment, this combination can be difficult to find in a physician. As one of the nation’s premier menopause endocrinologists and hormone imbalance treatment specialists, Dr. Marina Johnson treats not just the hormone imbalance symptons, but the whole person for complete health and long term wellness.With a medical career spanning 30 years, Dr. Marina Johnson’s list of achievements are extraordinary and leave no doubt as to why she is considered a respected authority on estrogen hormone replacement and one of the best doctors in Dallas.


My mission is to engage the patient in the active pursuit of optimal health and to provide personalized superlative care with an emphasis on preventive medicine and healthy aging.

Richard Johnson MD

Photo of Richard Johnson MD
Johnson’s Orthomolecular Clinic Address #222, 4935 – 40th Ave NW Calgary AB T3A 2N1 Canada Phone: 403-202-0724 Website:

Dr. Johnson is a general practitioner with the main focus on orthomolecular medicine.

Eleazar M. Kadile MD

Photo of Eleazar M. Kadile MD
The Center for Integrative Medicine Address 1538 Bellevue St. Green Bay WI 54311 Phone: (920) 468-9442 Website:

Roy E Kerry MD

Photo of Roy E Kerry MD
Advanced Integretive Medicine Center Address PO Box 357, 160 E. Portersville Rd Portersville PA 16051 USA Phone: 724-368-3558 Website:

Advanced Integrative Medicine Center has been providing the latest modalities in diagnosing and treating illness for over 30 years. The Center provides a full range of wellness care, allergy therapy, nutritional counseling, advanced techniques in hormone therapy, and massage therapy.

Gary Klingsberg MD

Photo of Gary Klingsberg MD
Center for Nutrition & Preventive Medicine Address 177 N Dean Street, Suite 308 Englewood NJ 07631 Phone: 201-503-0007 Website:

For over twenty-five years the Center for Nutrition and Preventive Medicine has been northern New Jersey’s leading alternative medical practice. Our office operates under the premise that the combination of both medical and what are currently considered alternative medical approaches to patient care are more effective than either approach alone.

At the Center for Nutrition and Preventive Medicine nutritional therapy is a treatment of choice along with alternative medicine, with the use of medications reduced or eliminated so as to avert their unwanted side effects.

We have vast experience over twenty years of prescribing bio-identical hormones on fixed and cyclical regimens to best suit the needs of our patients.

We offer the intravenous administration of nutrients and hyperbaric oxygen therapy which may minimize the toxic effects of chemotherapy and radiation therapy regimens.

While the prescription of drugs is important for the treatment of some disorders, we prefer to address these problems through nutritional and alternative medical means where possible.

Patients of all ages, from childhood to old age have benefited from our care.

Nelson Kraucak MD

Photo of Nelson Kraucak MD
Life Family Practice Center Address 1501 US Highway 441 No., Ste. 1702 The Villages FL 32159 Phone: (352) 750-4333 Website:

Paul Lynn

Photo of Paul Lynn
San Francisco Preventative Medicine Group Address 380 West Portal Ave. Ste C San Francisco CA 94127 Phone: 415-566-1000 Website:

Dr. Paul Lynn graduated from Louisiana State School of Medicine and completed his internship at Charity Hospital in New Orleans, Louisiana. He also studied Naturopathic Medicine. He is a fellow in the International College of Applied Nutrition and International Academy of Preventive Medicine. Dr. Lynn is a pioneer in his profession. He has discovered with his 25 years of experience that diet, amino acids, immune enhancement, bio-identical hormone replacement therapy, and anti-oxidants have a profound positive effect on degenerative disease and aging. The four cornerstones of anti-aging was developed from these studies.

Dan Martin DOM

No Photo Available
Northfield Acupuncture and Alternative Medicine Clinic Address 619 East 6th Street Texarkana AR 71854 Phone: (870) 772-8622 Website:

Northfield Acupuncture and Alternative Medicine Clinic provides general practice oriental medicine and Alternative medical care and nutritional support for cancer patients. Dr. Martin is a rare find in doctors in this day and age. With the increased pace of new discoveries in technology and the never-ending demand of patients on a doctor’s existence, many doctors lack the personal touch. Often, patients leave an office feeling uncared-for and just another insurance form to file. Dr. Martin, however, is down to earth, visiting with patients as they receive treatments while treating them with respect and courtesy, lacking today in many major clinics. It is no wonder that many of Dr. Martin’s patients come from as far as Maine and California to be under his care.

Conrad Maulfair DO

Photo of Conrad Maulfair DO
Maulfair Medical Center Address 2970 Corporate Court, Suite 1 Orefield PA 18069 Phone: (610) 682-2104 Website:

Ann McCombs DO

Photo of Ann McCombs DO
The Center for Optimal Health Address 16236 SE 24th Street Bellevue WA 98008 Phone: (425) 213-1555 Website:

Ira H. Moore MD

Photo of Ira H. Moore MD
Address 4201 Bee Cave Road, B112 West Lake Hills TX 78746 Phone: (512) 327-4886 Website:

Jon R. Mundall MD

No Photo Available
Liberty Clinic Address 111 N. Columbia Ave. P.O. Box F Connell WA 99326 Phone: (509) 234-7766 Website:

Specializing in allergy, arthritis, bio-identical hormone replacement therapy, detox therapies,functional medicine, gastrointestinal problems, heavy metal toxicity, infertility, IV therapy, neurological disorders, nutrition, preventive medicine, and thyroid disorders.

Vintonne Naiden MD

Photo of Vintonne Naiden MD
Address 3951 Snapfinger Pkwy Decatur GA 30035 Phone: 404-284-5498 Website:

Women Dedicated to Women’s Health Care

David Nebbeling DO

Photo of David Nebbeling DO
Advanced Osteopathic Health Address 3918 W. St. Joseph Hwy. Lansing, MI 48917 Phone: (517) 749-3129 Website:

Aage Winther Nielsen MD

No Photo Available
Address Hovedgaden 411 Hoersholm 2970 Denmark Home Phone: 0045 7025 1205 Website:

Efrain Olszewer CMP

No Photo Available
Address Rua Campevas 211 Perdizes, San Paulo Brasil 5016010 Phone: 1136725285

Lambert T. Parker MD

Photo of Lambert T. Parker MD
Integrative Longevity Institute Address 129 W. Virginia Beach Blvd., Suite 120 Norfolk VA 23510 Phone: (757) 226-8880 Website:

David Pawsat DO

Photo of David Pawsat DO
The Center for Optimal Health Address 1520 Ramblewood Dr., Ste 100 East Lansing MI 48823 Phone: 517-324-9400 Website:

Dr. David Pawsat is a graduate of Michigan State University’s School of Osteopathic Medicine and is certified in Anti-Aging and Regenerative Medicine. He has also completed a Fellowship in Anti-Aging & Functional Medicine. Being trained by the world’s foremost authorities in the field of natural hormone replacement and Anti-Aging Medicine, combined with his 12 years of emergency medicine experience, has brought him unique skills in natural hormone therapy, disease prevention and treatment.In recognizing the need for viable alternatives to traditional protocols, Dr. Pawsat has founded The Center for Optimal Health. With the skills he has acquired he is able to treat issues for their causes instead of just treating symptoms. Early detection, prevention, and reversal of aging-related diseases and employing therapies and treatments to optimize wellness are the focus of his practice.At The Center for Optimal Health our patients are treated for their individual needs. Dr. Pawsat listens to his patient’s health concerns and devotes the necessary time to understand their individual complexities. Through this process he is able to develop individualized plans to overcome chronic health issues and achieve wellness.

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