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Ted L. Edwards MD

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The Hills Medical Group Address 4201 Bee Caves Rd. B112 Austin TX 78746 USA Phone: 512-327-4886 Website: http://www.centerforhealthandhealing.org

Ted L. Edwards, Jr., M.D., has been treating patients in Austin since 1964. He is an internist with extensive training in Internal Medicine, Anti-aging Modalities and Gastroenterology. He has served the medical profession and Austin community over the years as Chairman of the Texas Medical Association Section on Digestive Disease, Team Physician and Chairman of Sports Medicine for the U.S. Cycling Federation, Chief of Staff at Holy Cross Hospital and Chairman of the Texas Governor’s Commission on Physical Fitness. His pioneering concept of “Wellness” led to the honorary title of “The Father of Wellness in Texas” during his tenure as Chairman of the Texas Governor’s Commission on Physical Fitness. In addition to serving the community, he is an acclaimed author and radio talk show host. Dr. Edwards has written two books, Power Aging and Weight Loss to Super Wellness. He has educated the public through his radio show and has been a featured speaker on the topics of Alternative Medicine, Gastroenterology and Wellness.Dr. Edwards is ordained and believes deeply that the power of prayer, gratitude and forgiveness is essential to healing. Prayer is offered and encouraged as part of the healing process.


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