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Total Health, Common Sense Medicine Address 505 Poplar St Meadville PA 16335 USA Phone: 814-337-7429 Website:

Our focus at Total Health is to optimize human potential. The encouragement of efficient healing through effective repair is to enhance and reflect the “Intelligent Design” built into this creation called human. A step wise, “peeling the layers of an onion” approach enables the goal of functional health maintenance with potential for prospective predictability. Our ideal is coordination of interventions and application of protocols prioritized with risk/ benefit analysis the guide. Exhausting one modality of less risk, we move to the next level. Smooth integration of pathways, up to and including the EMS system, is the goal, with higher acuity care less preferred as health maintenance remains the priority. We seek wisdom from above in our quest for health while acknowledging our earthly mortality. Your HEALTH, not your illness, is our business. Grow with us.