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My vision of becoming a medical doctor started in my teen years after observing the life- long debilitating effects of diabetes in my father. I was a conventionally trained MD. I attended the best schools and residencies. I thought I could heal and save everyone. But I, too, succumbed to the ravages of stress and burnout. After 5 moves in 10 years, 4 children and marriage to an orthopedic surgeon, my genetic history reared itself to the point of illness and I “hit the wall”. It took several personal and medical struggles to realize that conventional medicine is content treating symptoms of illness with medications to prevent the known circumstances identified with that “name of the disease”. I saw stress as the promoter of dysfunction in over 80% of the patients I was seeing. We all have choices. I am using my medical training and experience to offer a continuum for health. Empowering oneself with choices for symptom management which include proper nutrition, sleep, hormone balance and connected mind promotes overall wellness, not disease management. For those interested in credentials, I am board certified with over 30+ years experience in many fields.