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James C. Roberts MD

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ABAAR Comprehensive Heart Care Address 3110 W. Central Ave, Suite B Toledo OH 43606 USA Phone: (419) 531-4235 Website: http://www.heartfixer.com

Dr. Roberts has been practicing cardiovascular medicine for 25 years at Comprehensive Heart Care and the EECP Center of Northwest Ohio. His interests lie in preventive cardiology and the integrative approach to the patient with recurrent or inoperable coronary disease. His practice is active in research, evaluating new nutritional, device, and pharmacologic approaches to patient care. Dr. Roberts has passed the written exams of the American Board of Chelation Therapy, the American Board of Oxidative Medicine, and the American Board of Bariatric Medicine. He is currently pursuing training in the field of anti-ageing medicine. His practice utilizes Enhanced External Counterpulsation (EECP – a non-invasive approach to angina that generates natural bypass flow) and Magnetic Molecular Energizer (MME – an external magnetic field applied to the heart or other dysfunctional region increases energy production and stem cell proliferation). Dr. Roberts provides a broad range of detoxification methods, including all forms of chelation therapy. Dr. Roberts’ integrative approach to cardiovascular medicine can be reviewed in Reverse Heart Disease Now (Wiley) which he co-wrote with his colleague Stephen Sinatra MD FACC.