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Personalized Regenerative Medicine Address 187 Avenida la Plata San Clemtente CA 92673 Phone: 949-367-8870 Website: personalized-regenerative-medicine.com

“I do chelation of all types but only use it combination with stem cells and anti-fibrotic agents. My website for patients with CHF and who have had a heart attack is http://www.curaheart.com.”

David A Steenblock, BS, MS, DO specializing in alternative and complementary medicine since 1978. Master of Science degree in Biochemistry, 4 years training in pathology. Rotating internship Providence Hospital, Seattle, Washington. 12 years experience with stem cell therapies of all types. Treated over 5000 patients with autologous (your own) bone marrow stem cells and umbilical cord stem cells.Have a stem cell lab with full time molecular biologist. Offer all types of stem cells and routes of administration. Wrote the first and only book out on the use of Umbilical Cord Stem Cells (2006)and invented a unique stem cell mobilizing and proliferating product “Stemgevity” see http://www.stemgevity.com/ Website is http://www.stemcellmd.org/.